Upper School


High School – Grades 10 to 12
IB’s philosophy is the basis of the High School curriculum. It supports the idea that learning HOW to learn is more important than WHAT to learn.  We focus on developing lifelong learners. To do so, content is used as a tool to develop higher-order thinking skills in our students, such as: reflection, communication, self-management, research skills, and social skills. These skills enable students to use knowledge in a variety of situations and contexts.
The curriculum at High School is intense and based on high standards and challenging learning outcomes. It  aims at developing academic autonomy and solid study habits. Students at this level are prepared for ENEM, vestibulares, and international exams.
In Upper School – from Grade 10 onwards, in Physical Education, students can choose from a variety of sports offered at school or by partner institutions.

Bilingual Curriculum

Language and coding 
  • Artes/Visual Arts
  • Educação Física
  • Língua Espanhola/Spanish
  • Língua Inglesa/English
  • Língua Portuguesa/Portuguese
Mathematics and its technologies
  • Matemática / Mathematics
Natural Sciences and its technologies
  • Biologia / Biology
  • Física / Physical Science
  • Química / Chemistry
Humanities and its technologies
  • Filosofia / Philosophy 
  • Theory of Knowledge
  • Geografia / Geography
  • História / History
  •  Sociologia / Sociology
  • Creativity, Activity & Service (CAS)
  • Extended Essay
  • High Level 1 
  • High Level 2