Elementary School


In Primary Years, from grade 1 through 5, the school focuses on preparing students for a school life with further, more complex learning demands. It’s in this period that students build skills and abilities that will be required throughout their whole academic lives. Commitment, efficient study habits, organization, and the ability to share their success and difficulties are some of the vital characteristics our school promotes in our PYP program.
Teachers employ Mindfulness strategies to potentialize focus and attention and to develop empathy. Design Thinking concepts are applied in projects from all disciplines as a way of developing students’ creativity and ability to solve problems, aiming at finding, in a playful and creative way, relevant solutions to varied problems.
In Elementary School, one Physical Education class per week is dedicated to the teaching of Capoeira.
The IB-certified PYP program gives a touch of excellence and promotes students’ passion for learning by establishing a relationship between what they learned and real life.
“PYP learners are problem solvers who take ownership of their own learning”.

“PYP learners are problem solvers who take ownership of their own learning”.





Learning Areas in Elementary School
Bilingual Curriculum – 50% English and 50% Portuguese
  • Ciências Naturais / Natural Sciences
  • História e Geografia / Sociais Sciences
  • English / Language and Literature
  • Língua Portuguesa / Portuguese
  • Matemática / Mathematics / Robótica
Arts, Creativity, and Body
  • Artes Visuais / Visual Arts
  • Physical Education with Capoeira
  • Música / Music
  • Teatro / Drama