Elsa equipe

Head of School – Diretora da Escola
Profª. Elza C Giostri

– PhD in Scientific Education from Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina and UCL Institute of Education (London).
– 31 years of experience in teaching, educational management, and teacher professional development.
– Founding teacher of Coree International School.

School Counsellor – Coordinator of the school’s counseling department
Adriana B. Soares

– Psychologist with a degree in Portuguese/English.
– 24 years of teaching experience, from early years through high school, and 6 years dedicated to school psychology and vocational orientation.

Upper School Coordinator
Anderson Madruga

– Degree in Physics from Universidade Federal de pelotas. MSc in Nuclear Physics from Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (ITA).
– 11 years of teaching experience.

Middle School Coordinator
Liliane Kreling

– Specialist in Portuguese language teaching methodology and language and communication.
– 30 years of experience in teaching and educational management.

Early Years and Elementary School Coordinator
Profª. Lurdes M. Prestes

– Pedagogue, specialist in bilingual education and neuro psychopedagogy.
– 20 years of experience in teaching and 5 in educational management.

IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) Coordinator
Jamila Effting Correa – Mrs Effting

– Degree in Portuguese/English from Universidade da Região de Joinville (2013).
– 5 years of experience in teaching.

Health and Physical Education (PE) Coordinator
Mariza Martinello

– Degree in Physical Education.
– Specialist in Water Sports from Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas – São Paulo.

ATL – Approaches do Teaching and Learning Leader
Paula Barjona – Mrs Barjona

– Doctorate in Bioprocess Engineering.
– MSc in Health and Environment.
– Degree in Biology.
– English certification by Cambridge (CAE).
– Fluent in English and German.