Coree International School – The International School of Joinville – offers a bilingual education through rigorous immersion programs in English and Portuguese. In grade 8, Spanish also becomes part of the curriculum. The school is certified by the International Baccalaureate (IB). Aligned with IB´s educational philosophy, our learning process is based on social constructivism.
Our vision statement is “To be a reference in culture, innovative education, and citizenship”. To achieve this, our curriculum is constantly adjusted to include modern active teaching-learning methodologies, innovative formative assessment strategies,  exercises to develop Mindfulness and the subjects of Design Thinking and Robotics.
The program of Coree International School was rigorously designed to foster academic excellence and human development to live in today’s world. Our educational philosophy is aligned to that of IB’s, which places the student at the center of the teaching-learning process.  We aim at developing a broad range of human capacities and responsibilities beyond academic success: our students become reflexive, inquirers, knowledgeable, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, and balanced.
Our High school offers a triple certification program:
– The Brazilian diploma, through the National Common Core Curriculum; 
– The IB diploma;
– The Americandiploma, validated through the Keystone School- K12
This triple certification program enables students to access higher education not only at the best Brazilian Universities, but also at top-ranked universities worldwide.
Coree International School is a member of the college board and is the only center in the state of Santa Catarina to offer the SAP, SSAT, PSAT, and ACT exams. It is a great comfort to our students to take these exams in a familiar environment. We are also accredited by the college board to offer AP subjects, which are accepted as credits in colleges and universities abroad.
Coree International School was founded in 2009 and has always strived to offer high standard international education through a bilingual immersion program in English and in Portuguese.
In 2013, the school received accreditation of the International Baccalaureate to offer the Diploma program to High School students.
In 2015, we received our second IB accreditation and started offering the Primary Years Program  – PYP – to our elementary school students.
In 2018 we inaugurated our full immersion Early Years program.
Coree International School – The International School of Joinville – enthusiastically celebrates its 10-year anniversary and is proud to:     
– be the only IB world school in Santa Catarina – offering an IB education from Early Years to High School;
– be the only school in Joinville that forms trilingual students in English, Spanish and Portuguese;
– have obtained the best result on ENEM exams in the city of Joinville with our very first High School class; 
– be the only School in Santa Catarina member of the College Board, and authorized to offer the SAT and ACT exams in addition to AP subjects.
– be the leading figure of the best and main science fair in the state of Santa Catarina; we have been selected to send students to the USA to represent Brazil at Intel Isef, the biggest science and engineering fair in the world;
– to be a complete school that offers education from Early Years to High School;
– to have awarded all the students who successfully completed our High School program the IB and the American High School diplomas;
– have students in the best Universities in Brazil and abroad.